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Whether you're new to EMS technology or fitness in general, our approach begins with a First Timer pass at our studio. This pass is designed to customize a training routine that aligns with your specific goals. Dive into the details of what to expect, what to bring, and the flow of your first workout—all covered during your consultation.


Frequently asked questions

Can I deduct EMS sessions from my wellness allowance?
Yes, EMS is eligible for a wellness allowance (friskvårdbidrag). Ask your trainer for an invoice that you can present to your employer to have it deducted.
Are you listed in any wellness allowance apps?
You can find Bodysync Hub on Epassi, and we are continuously exploring our options, considering joining more wellness allowance apps in the near future. If you would like to suggest one, don't hesitate to talk to your trainer or send us an email.
Is it possible to purchase multiple series simultaneously?
Yes, you can purchase as many series as you'd like at the same time. Please note that in the Bokadirekt app, you always need to choose the next training sessions when buying a series. Alternatively, you can buy multiple series directly at our studio.